Making process

Uncover how we handcraft all of our chocolate

1. Cacao selection

The secret to making good chocolate is to work with good cacao. To do this, we select the region we want to work with, obtain information about the working methods of the farm, the cooperative or cocoa-growing region and finally we look at the aromatic notes of the respective caca0.

2. Roasting

After having previously cleaned the cacao, we proceed to roast it. This process is essential for the cocoa to unfold its full aroma. In addition, this process will help us to remove the cocoa husk later on.

3. Bean breaking

The roasted cacao beans are placed in a grinder, which reduces them to medium-sized particles. The husk is then removed using a ventilation system. The final product is called cocoa nib.

4. Grinding

The cacao is crushed until it forms a smooth paste, as the cocoa butter, which makes up about 50% of the cacao begins to melt thanks to the heat derived from this process.

5. Refining and conching

The refining process consists of grinding the cacao paste until the texture is smooth, creamy and soft. At the same time as the refining process takes place, the conching process comes into action.

In this process, the different ingredients are added to the cacao (such as additional sugar or cacao butter), so that they are mixed with the cocoa until it is a uniform mass. Thanks to this process we will finish developing the full flavour of the cacao.

6. Tempering

Tempering chocolate is a technique that consists of controlling the temperature of the chocolate to make it visually appealing and glossy. In this technique, you play with the temperatures of the chocolate and this allows the chocolate to have a nice cracking sound and a nice glossy appearance at the end.

7. Molding

Once the chocolate is tempered, pour the chocolate into the moulds and leave them to cool for about 12 hours. This will allow the chocolate to return to its original solid form, have a shiny appearance and we will be able to unmould it in a practical and easy way.

8. Packaging

When we are done with the whole process, the chocolate is ready to be packed and ready to eat šŸ«šŸ«šŸ«šŸ«.